Rules of Life director Anton Corbijn

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Rules of Life director Anton Corbijn

My father, grandfather and even great-grandfather were ministers. All my family members felt that they owed their success to the Lord. And I did not become pious. Maybe I started to work in photography, because all too often seen the empty church walls.

Unfortunately, I am not a member of depeche mode group. Photos and videos - it's everything I've done for them, and I'm happy that it happened.

In November 1979, I have two weeks photographing rock band Joy Division, and one morning stretched Yenu (Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division -. Esquire) hand to say hello, and he looked at me like I was an empty place, and went on. The next time I saw him already dead.

I like to control everything.

When you take over the full-length film, there are always people who intervene in the process, and you have to defend his point of view to the victorious. With all the clips easier: there you are your own boss.

The main thing in life - it's love and friendship. And then - health and good food.

Meeting people who shoot Self, I think, why do they do it? And I come to the conclusion that we live in a very selfish time.

Once I replaced Depeche Mode drummer on the set of programs for the BBC. At this my musical career was over. I have no children, because I have all the time to wander the world. Such a lifestyle would poistrepal any family.

By nature I'm very shy guy - like those who always stands in the corner at a party. A camera is liberating. I take it and my way through the crowd straight to the scene.

Once Dieter Meyer (. Soloist Yello - Esquire) said to me: "You have to charge for their photos more money." So I did. And this council has never failed me.

I do not have lighting equipment, agents, assistants, producers. I just meet people and photograph them. This is similar to how I worked in Holland, when I was seventeen, I was scared, and photographing everything that moves.

When in 1972 I started to work as a photographer, the first to pay me, I seem to fifty dollars, The Rocking Tigers were from the Dutch town of Groningen. And most of them I have not heard anything.

Even in a closet, you can create a masterpiece.

Mick Jagger would never have agreed to change into a woman, I tell him about it before shooting. He did not suspect anything, despite the fact that in the studio hung his dress size.

Dave Gahan so handsome, that it can not be properly photographed - you will always look like a loser.

Probably, after our first meeting, Dave decided that I do not have all the houses. It was a Depeche Mode shooting for the cover of NME. Gahan was wearing a bright pink shirt. I put it in the center, and has placed behind all other musicians. Then I brought upon them the focus, and Gahan - no. I photographed people in the desert, in the cemetery, in the ocean, in the toilet, in bed, in the bunker - and always feel comfortable.

Easier to work with musicians than with actors. Actors used to play the role, so forget what they look like in reality. With musicians differently: they write their own songs and even clothes are what they want.

Pay for the clip a million dollars - this is pure swindle.

I remember, as Michael Stipe from R.E.M. (Rock band -. Esquire) called me after a meeting with Dave. He said that he did Gahan seems lost, so I have to talk to him. It was a week before the overdose. Perhaps, then, Dave began to lead a healthy lifestyle, and we finally started talking on the same wavelength.

If I were in a war, perhaps with a photo it would be finished.

Removing more than a hundred music videos, I have learned one thing: do not look stupid. I like to think about the future.

When I was young, I had no friends. Now there was a couple.