"Burn in hell, extra kilos!" Or some very strange and extreme weight loss methods

Virtually every one of us wants to lose weight in a short period of time. This is an unhealthy desire to get in shape fast very often plays not a good joke to many people. There are so many different diets that guarantee rapid weight loss in a short period of time. Yes, of course, lose weight, maybe you and out, but, despite his Herculean efforts, after the completion of this diet kilos tend to return to double number.

Therefore, there is no such diet that can outperform a simple healthy diet and regular exercise in the gym. In today's article we have collected for you some crazy and very extreme diets, which practice, perhaps the most desperate.

It is important! The information below is just a study. Do not try to try to imagine what "food". It is fraught with sad consequences.

1. Power supply air

This version of the "power" is very popular in France. This svoeobraznayadieta in common is called simply a hunger strike. A chip of this diet is this: you have to trick your brain. That is, you are preparing, as usual, set the table, but do not eat, and the idea that had already eaten. It turns out that you are cheating yourself and your sense of hunger.

2. Insulin

Not paying attention to the fact that the way to lose weight just does not work, many people have tried to make themselves injections of insulin to lower blood sugar, which helps break down fat instead of carbohydrates. Insulin injections are extremely dangerous, and if they are not controlled, they can lead to the development of diabetes in people who are not suffering from the disease, or even cause a coma.

3. Apples and coffee

All you have to do in this version of the diet is to drink coffee and eat apples. More than anything it is impossible. And by the way, apples you have to eat as much and often as possible. In theory, the coffee acts as a diuretic, which is obliged to withdraw water from the body, and apples are required to give you strength and energy, not to die one day. I do not know how to manage this diet to lose weight, but high blood pressure, stomach pain, and tremors in the limbs, you are guaranteed one hundred percent.

4. "Sleeping Beauty"

This diet is arranged at all strange and, frankly, scary to imagine what devastating consequences it could mean for you. So, every time you want to eat, you have to drink a sleeping pill and go to sleep. Of course, when a person sleeps, he physically can not eat, but, seriously, sleeping pills, not to eat? This version of the diet can lead a person to a partial atrophy of the muscles throughout the body. In addition, inadvertently overdo it with sleeping pills, you can not only lose weight, but not never wake up.

5. Bee pollen

Bee pollen has been touted as a sort of "superfoods" that contains all the nutrients needed by the body. In addition, it can treat asthma attacks and breaks down fat fine. Despite numerous studies, none of these effects has not been proven, but instead bee pollen causes severe allergic reactions in people who took it as a dietary supplement.

6. Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis is a dangerous virus that affects the desire to eat, thus undermining the immune system at the same time. Yes, you will surely lose weight, but that's besides the lost weight gain sore throat, fever, swelling of the tonsils, lymph nodes and spleen.

7. Tablets

Tablets - this is the old way of all of the above, which will allow you to lose weight. But, despite the fact that many of the so-called "miracle pill" is often advertised, most of them can bring the human body a lot more problems than benefits. Very often recorded deaths after taking these tablets, many fell into a coma, and some struggled with helminths. So be very careful when you decide to purchase a hyped pills.