"Oh, those aristocrats!" Or gruesome murder of high society

We often think of high society gentlemen can be vile, greedy and more. Such people, because of their status, from the very birth of "spoiled" because they are taught not to take the so-called lower class, that is, they frankly do not care about the fate of ordinary people. But here is something which is impossible to think about them is the fact that these highly educated ladies and gentlemen, may be the most that neither is a brutal killer! And it is today and we'll talk about these personalities.

1. Elizabeth Branch

Elizabeth Branch became famous in England, thanks to his fiery temper and too severe punishment in relation to his servants. Branch was born in Bristol in far-non-poor family. After the death of her father, a former ship's captain, she passed a generous dowry. She has successfully married, and until the death of her husband, Elizabeth led the sort of quiet life. However, once Benzhdamin spouse Branch, died in 1730, she not only began to show itself in all its glory, but also attracted to his terrible cases his daughter Betty, who, it is not according to the archives to historical records, it was against this kind of pastime . One day in 1740, a mother and daughter crossed all limits, when they came to the conclusion that the 13-year-old maid, Jane Battersvort imagines too much about yourself.

The girl wanted to go to another city, to visit their relatives there, but as it turned out, travel time will take longer than agreed upon in advance. Jane tried to negotiate with the owner, but she was furious, and after the poor child othlystali, Branch furious start beating her while having called in to help his own daughter. All this saw another maid, who later testified in court against the two killers. According to the witness, she could not long look at the beating of innocent girls and left, and when she returned, then Jane was already dead. Elizabeth quickly buried and the maid said that she died of natural causes, but not everyone agreed. The body was dug up and sent to a local doctor, who wrote in the conclusion that Jane was beaten by all sorts of ways. Elizabeth and Betty Branch were sentenced to be hanged. The verdict was executed May 3.

2. Beatrice Cenci

Despite the fact that Beatrice Cenci had died more than 400 years ago, the legend of this young girl still at the hearing in Rome for everyone. It is said that her ghost returns every year on the eve of the anniversary of his death, walking on the bridge, where it was executed, and carries his severed head in his hands. Even without any embellishments tragic story of the young Beatrice terrible.

Born in one of the noble families of Rome in 1577, Beatrice was the daughter of the aristocrat Francesco Cenci, who, despite his status, he was a rapist and sadist. Most of all his riches, he spent only on what to buy off the authorities for their sins. Older brothers rushed to the girl on the run, because they could no longer stay close to his father-despot. The only ones who suffered terrible nature of man and his abominable deeds were his second wife Lucretia with a young son Bernard and Beatrice. Francesco decided to lock them in the castle where no prying eyes could make their shameful deeds. Patience girl was running out, and Beatrice decided that her father had died. She enlisted the help of his brother Giacomo, who passed Beatrice and Lucrezia's poison. During dinner, a woman poured it into the food Francesco, and after a few times alternately struck him on the head with a hammer and already with the help of his brother threw him out the window, like on a clean alleged accident. Despite all their efforts, the court found guilty of all. Beatrice and Lucretia were taken to Sant'Angelo Bridge, where they were beheaded, Giacomo was hanged and quartered, and small Bernardo sold into slavery.

3. Lewis Hutchinson

Once upon a time in the 1760s a Scottish physician Lewis Hutchinson immigrated to Jamaica. Man legally bought the place under the name of Edinburgh Castle and began to live - happily. Hutchinson has become known around the world by the nickname "The Mad Doctor" due to the fact that about this place and about him have spread such horrible rumors that it was difficult to distinguish where truth and fiction. The main attraction for Lewis was the murder of casual travelers, as Edinburgh Castle has been home to many travelers simply because it was not there nothing else. Many said that some died immediately from a shot, the other owner of the castle dismembered, drank their blood and feasted their flesh. By the way, Lewis servants around him to help. It is likely that it is due to the fact that the rumors around that people were too terrible, none of the surrounding villages are not reported to higher authorities about what is happening in this blighted place, fearing that Hutchinson would find them. But in the end, "the Mad Doctor" was caught and hanged.