Abandoned Russian city

• Abandoned Russian city

In Russia still languish more than 300 so-called mono-cities built near the factories, mines and mineral deposits. With the planned economy the existence of such settlements built mostly by prisoners in the days of the Gulag, was fully justified. Today, with a market economy, they have become a real trap, the cemetery, where they have to literally be about 16 million people. This is the tenth part of the population of our country. Other cities have died completely and now we'll show you a few names such sad memorials, where he once lived, and enjoy the simple life of the Soviet people.

Abandoned Russian city


A terrible earthquake May 28, 1995 Neftegorsk literally erased from the face of the Earth. 9-ball bumps made dozens of homes in ruins, killing 2040 people. Now here it stands a somber memorial sign.

Abandoned Russian city


Remember the horror of Silent Hill? All this baby talk compared to the real history of the Soviet village Kursha-2. August 3, 1938 a fire started. Arrived freight train with logging could have saved a lot of people, but the authorities gave the order to take care first of all about the forest. The train was able to escape from the flames of the village, the people jumps up on the platform at the last moment. That's just in front of them waiting for a blazing bridge. Burned alive 1,200 people.

Abandoned Russian city


With the Even the name is translated as "Death Valley". During Stalin's purges was in Kadykchan prisoners were brought from all over the country. After the war there was mined coal, mine were barely fit for humans. Awful, but this state of affairs persisted until 1996, when one of the mines exploded. All mines were closed and the town just died.

Abandoned Russian city


And this city was lost to the decline in production. Back in 1953 Iultin was built directly on the country's largest polymetallic production. Mines and ore-dressing combine work gave almost 7 thousand people. By 1996, there remained only a few dozen families now Iultin completely turned into a ghost town.


Fin, a military town, was created for strategic purposes. Hence, far from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: Finval had to take the first blow of a potential enemy, allowing the evacuation of the larger settlements. The settlement was completely self-contained: a club, a kindergarten, a school, a farm and even a few helipads. Who needs it now, when gone into oblivion the whole country?