The tradition of the Old New Year celebration

• Old New Year's Eve Traditions

The tradition of the Old New Year celebration

The Old New Year - a unique celebration that appeared not so long ago and gave us an opportunity to extend the holiday feeling. Talks about the history of the holiday, as well as its main traditions and ceremonies.

The history of the festival

On the night of 13 on January 14, Ukrainians celebrate the Old New Year 2018 - a unique festival, which originated thanks to a change of chronology. So, in 1918, instead of the Julian calendar was introduced by the Gregorian, and in our lives has become the concept of "old" and "new" style. So those who did not have fun December 31, can be re-celebrate the New Year on 13 January.

Old New Year tradition of celebrating the

Christmas Eve on January 13 is very similar to Holy night before Christmas. On the eve of the Old New Year, the whole family gathers at the table, which must necessarily be kutya. The only difference is that food should not be meatless, on the contrary, the table must be present meat and other generous treats.

The tradition of the Old New Year celebration

The festive evening decided to gather all the relatives together to make amends for the insults and disagreements that have been in the past year and start the new year with a clean slate.

The main rituals of the Old New Year

Among the main festive rites can be identified schedrovanie: the evening of January 13 of the companies go schedrovat accompanied by goat Malanka, which often disguise themselves as young men. On the morning of January 14 decided to sow grain homes of relatives and neighbors, wishing them happiness and prosperity in the new year. An important tradition of the Old New Year is also a matchmaking: namely January 13 guys who have previously received the rejection of the beloved, could again send her home matchmakers. It is considered a good omen woo girl is the first time on the eve of the Old New Year: according to popular belief, such couples live together for a long time and together.

Divination by the Old New Year 2018

The tradition of the Old New Year celebration

Divination "Yes-No"

Over the bank, with some grains, keep your left hand, palm down. Focusing specify a question the answer to which you are interested. Then vozmiiz banks handful of cereals, its eruption on the table and count the number of grains. If it is even, it means a positive response, if odd - negative.

Guessing on the Book

Find the book in advance with the appropriate content for divination. Think of a question and, without revealing book, make a page number and line above or below. The line has got to you randomly, and will be the answer to your question.

Mr Right Guessing on the name

On the night of January 14, put under the pillow slips of paper with written on them male names. Get in the morning one of them: the name written on it, and is the name of your future husband. Another option divination name: January 13 evening, go out on the street and asked the name of the first oncoming men. It will be treasured name of your future husband.