Cheap movie, earn millions

Make movies - this is a very difficult and incredibly expensive. So most people think, and quite right. But there are also such examples in the history of cinema, which shows that the film - it's also a great way to earn money. And in order to get his millions, not necessarily to invest millions.

We will show the ten low-cost tapes are all of a sudden become blockbusters with huge profits.

Cheap movie, earn millions Cheap movie, earn millions

"American Graffiti" (1973, USA)

The budget of 777 thousand dollars. Fees: $ 115 million. The film has paid off 150 times.

George Lucas - this is not the only "Star Wars." The genius of the then very young director loudly declared itself in early 1970, when the screens out one of his first feature films - "American Graffiti."

Almost a million dollars - not the smallest amount, especially in 1973. But it was not enough. Old cars for the film had to beg through newspaper ads were shot in the evening for four weeks. The tape came almost plotless but incredibly atmospheric, which praised as critics and audiences in theaters.

Cheap movie, earn millions

"Rocky" (1976, USA)

Budget: $ 1 million. Fees: $ 225 million. The film has paid off 225 times.

From this was born the whole franchise, as well as movie career took off Sly, who until that moment lived from hand to mouth, and even had to sell his beloved dog. The success story began with the script that he wrote Stallone. He made it a condition that he will star in the role of a boxer.

Hollywood gave the nod, but especially on a movie nobody put. Therefore tape budget is quite modest, and no small part of it consisted of amounts received mortgage houses producers of the picture.

"Rocky" was waiting for a resounding success. This was confirmed by ten "Oscar" nominations and two awards. The film constantly in all sorts of tops include the best paintings in the history of cinema. Not surprisingly, he has become the cash register tape in 1976 and one of the most payback.

Cheap movie, earn millions


"Night of the Living Dead" (1968, USA)

The budget of 114 thousand dollars. Fees: $ 30 million. The film has paid off 265 times.

Classics of the genre by George A. Romero, who wanted to see their offspring color, but because of the economy was forced to shoot in black and white film. The benefit of almost 40 years later, the film still "painted".

So much so, that he scored in the theater the actors themselves have written cues for their characters, if not improvised. It's funny, but if the release of "Dead" was delayed for at least a month, the charges he is likely to have been less impressive.

Cashier horror film made by children and adolescents. Rental of "Night of the Living Dead" began October 1, 1968 - a month before the movie theaters in the United States began to operate an age rating. Malyshnya herds ran on "a movie about the dead," she cried received their psychological trauma, and then shared nightmarish memories with peers. Those having heard, rushed headlong into a movie, and then in a circle.

Cheap movie, earn millions

"Mad Max" (1979, Australia)

Budget: 350 thousand dollars. Fees: $ 100 million. The film has paid off 285 times.

In terms of today's money budget "Mad Max" would amount to little more than a million dollars. Remove the money to a large-scale post-apocalyptic thriller with chases, explosions and extras are absolutely unrealistic. But George was able to Miller.

I had to save on everything. Machines for chases and destruction used, though the real police, but debited. The same car in different reshoot scenes, only a little tinting. However, it is still about a quarter of all planned chase never took off because of the budget deficit. What can we say, if money for real leather outfit was only enough for absolutely unknown then Mel Gibson, while the rest of "vagrants" were content with artificial imitation.

For accidents 350,000 dollars received undisputed hit and event in the world of cinema, which opened Dieselpunk direction and, of course, Mel Gibson. What is the difference that the film is being finished just on the knee in the house director? After all, out perfectly.

Cheap movie, earn millions

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974, USA)

Budget: 93 000 dollars. Fees: $ 31 million. The film has paid off 330 times.

Film about how a man in a mask arranges bloody Chainsaw Massacre? Come on, who is going to look ?! Nevertheless, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" watched so that the horrors of insane maniac entered the history of cinema, so yes there remained.

Since the budget was very limited, with a crew of seven pots went off, before the film was ready. To fit into the allocated amount, the shooting had to be completed within a month. All the while, the actors worked in terrible heat without a break for the weekend, every day 16 hours a day. Later, the participants recalled with a shudder development hell.

The authors of "Carnage" resorted to the reception, which is repeated after a quarter century, "The Blair Witch Project" - the story was presented as real. Of course, everyone was curious to see what was there done crazy maniac.

Cheap movie, earn millions

"Hangman" (2015, USA)

Budget: $ 100 thousand. Fees: $ 43 million. The film has paid off 430 times.

The school tragedy - one of the students at the time of stage accidentally hanged himself. 20 years later, students want to honor his memory and play the same ill-fated play. Suddenly, out of nowhere - a ghost.

"Hangman" really scary movie. Here horrible all - from the acting to the special effects a la psevdodokumentalistika. This is because in the "hanging" took only 100 thousand dollars, which raised friends authors of the film.

Amazing thing is that this is definitely a bad movie deservedly received low marks, but it was incredibly cash. Sometimes the action can not earn 43 million dollars, and here some rotten horror.

Cheap movie, earn millions

"Super Size Me" (2004, USA)

The budget of 65 thousand dollars. Fees: $ 29 million. The film has paid off 450 times.

The only documentary film on the list, which thundered around the world. The reason why it has become popular, is clear - tape encroach on the holy of holies, that is McDonald's. The protagonist Morgan Spurlock, who is also the director, producer and writer, decided to take on the kind of diet for a month eating only food of "poppy". As a result, a man gained weight by 11 kilograms and was still a lot of trouble.

"Super Size Me" won several prestigious film awards and even claimed the "Oscar". The film caused a powerful wave movement against fast food restaurants, and the almighty McDonald's for some time, even stopped the sale of portions of its superlarge hamburgers.

In addition to purely technical expenditure spent specifically was not much. Is that the salary operator so installers. Plus, of course, the food from McDonald's. The money allowed Morgan Spurlock continue experimenting with the film, including documentaries. But the success of "double portion" of his not yet been achieved

Cheap movie, earn millions

"Deep Throat" (1972, USA)

Budget: 23 000 dollars. Fees: $ 45 million. The film has paid off in 2000 again.

As strange as it may sound, but it will be about a porno movie, reflected not only in the entire porn industry, but even on the culture of 1970-80 as a whole. The production of such films do not need a lot of money. A thousand dollars was given the main character of 100-200 dollars - the rest of the actors and extras, that's all. Somehow the "Deep Throat" was able to run in wide release on US cinemas. The people rushed en masse available for strawberry. When it became clear that money is flowing river, control of the situation and cash flows took the mafia. By the way, the actress, who played a major role, later said that in the movies made her abusive husband, and her neck was actually a gun all the time. According to rumors, "Deep Throat" has collected $ 600 million space. That is, the costs paid off in a staggering 26,000 times. But the truth of these allegations could not be verified. Given that the spread news mafia to even more pumped up to the tape, the amount still looks fantastic. But with 45 million "Deep Throat" is rightly ranked third. In addition, we face a unique phenomenon called "the world's first pornoblokbaster".

Cheap movie, earn millions

"The Blair Witch Project: Project, The" (1999, USA)

Budget: 60 thousand dollars. Fees: $ 248 million. The film has paid off in 4100 again.

Sly-s-yshal that in the forest they found a tape, which is seen as a witch vsamdelishnye students decided to do ?! If at the end of the 1990s, you should be the best years of the life of the school, the kind of talk you should be familiar. Cassette with a witch! Soak the students! Brilliant promotion.

You can not make expensive movies - Twisting the talent to the maximum and includes the head. So did the creators of the "Blair Witch Project", dressed unintelligible content in fine form, ie advertising. You will not believe, but among your surroundings really are people who still believe in "truthfulness" cassette Blair Witch.

The shooting of the film went on capital standards, one-room apartment. A year after the release of the project, each participant could afford a spacious villa. Then there was a lot of low-grade sequels and imitations, but none of the original's popularity could not be reached from them.

Cheap movie, earn millions

"Paranormal Activity" (2007, USA)

The budget of 15 thousand dollars. Fees: $ 193 million. The film has paid off in 13 thousand times.

A unique phenomenon in the history of cinema as an absolute record for payback. The secret, as is usual in such cases, is in the proper marketing. Before the premiere of "Paranormal Activity" in the network and the media launched a few tales. Like, Steven Spielberg turned in horror, this movie without having watched it until the middle. But eventually he pulled himself together and decided to patronize the creators of the tape. The "phenomenon" no special effects, all the shooting took less than a week and were on a digital camera in the house picture director - at that time almost unknown in the world of film Oren Peli.

The story itself is in a mockumentary style, a couple of young people who are watching through the camera, as the night in the house themselves open but closed the door, not a bit scary and absolutely uninteresting. However, marketing has worked for one hundred percent - shot for pennies film brought the creators of money, which would envy blockbuster. At the same time I start up the conveyor for the production of more and more new "Paranormal".