Why doctors advise to live by the sea?

More than ten years of research conducted on the theme of leisure and a life at sea. They all indicated that beach holiday will not only improve your mood at times but also your efficiency at work will increase significantly. Moreover, scientists say at least five reasons why you do not just need to relax on the beach, and you need to live on it.

1. The water quickly returns man to his natural state

Why doctors advise to live by the sea?

The man is connected to the water from the very beginning of his life. Our body consists of 75 percent of her brain - by 65 percent, and bones - by 31 percent. Therefore, the human brain responds very positively to the opportunity to be in the water. The biological relationship between man and water provoked an instant reaction in the brain whenever we go into the water.

Swimming - a great way to recharge the batteries, the most effective way. The best view of the relaxation of swimming - it stays in seawater.

2. On the coast, a person feels relaxed as possible

Why doctors advise to live by the sea?

Studies have shown that when a person looks at nature in his head are included in the work of those parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional stability. It is important to add that even the pictures that you make while on holiday, have a calming effect. Another experiment with magnetic resonance imaging showed that the coastal scenery relax man is much more effective than anything else.

3. Beach more useful to man than the culture of

Why doctors advise to live by the sea?

A soothing effect on the human brain has both the contemplation of landscapes and painting. But a study in which 22,000 respondents participated were held in 2011. It turned out that people who live near water, feel for 5, 2 percent happier. And the sea - this is the best antidepressant.

4. The water has on the brain rejuvenating effect

Why doctors advise to live by the sea?

In the modern reality craze of internet and social networks, our brain like never needs a rest. The most effective way to recharge - a contemplation of moving water. For the first time it proved a study conducted in 1995.

In particular, the experts were able to prove that students who lived with a view of the park, showing better results in cognitive tests than others. Moreover, it is best to cope with the tests those who are constantly looking at the sea, lake or river and not the forest.

5. The sedative effect of the blue

Why doctors advise to live by the sea?

For most people in the world's favorite color is blue. Its like 35 percent of women and 42 percent men. Experts are not surprised by this, because the shades of the sky and water as pleasant man, they soothe him. Blue color - it is a guarantee of a positive emotional response.

At the sight of the blue in the brain triggered the mechanism of excitation, which is associated with the activation of neurotransmitters that provide a sense of euphoria, joy and delight. It is for this reason that Blue has a strong therapeutic effect associated with the release of dopamine. Moreover, the blue color invigorates, helps a person to feel less fatigue.