"Repin" Sailed ": what kind of painting in question, and who really its author

• "Repin" Sailed ": what kind of painting in question, and who really its author

The expression "Repin" Sailed "became the present idiom, which is characterized by a stalemate. The painting, which became part of the folklore, really exists. Here are just a Ilya Repin nothing to do with it does not matter.

Picture that popular rumor attributes Repin, created by artist Lev Solovyov (1839-1919). It called the painting "Monks. Not stopped there. " Painted the picture was in the 1870s, and until 1938 acted in the Sumy Art Museum.

"Monks. Not stopped there. " L. Solovyov.

In 1930 the picture was hanging on the museum exhibition next to paintings by Ilya Repin, and visitors agreed that the painting belongs to the great master. And then another, and assigned sort of "popular" name - "Sailed".

The plot pattern Solovyov - bathing scene. Someone else is stripping on the beach, someone in the water. Several women in the picture, beautiful in their nakedness, go into the water. The central figures pictures - fluttered from unexpected meeting monks, the boat which brought to bathers for insidious.

The central figure of the picture.

The young monk stood with oars in hand, not knowing how to react. The elderly pastor smiles - "They say that they arrived!" The artist miraculously manages to convey emotion and amazement on the faces of the participant of the meeting.

Lev Solovyov - the artist from Voronezh - a wide range of fans of painting a little familiar. According to information which has come down on him, he was a modest, hardworking, philosophical turn. I liked to paint scenes of everyday life of ordinary people and landscapes.

Lev Solovyov and his painting "Cobblers".

To our time works by this artist came quite a bit: some studies in the Russian Museum, the two pictures in the gallery of Ostrogozhsk and conversation piece "Cobblers" in the Tretyakov Gallery.