10 of the most popular memes in 2016

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

The online community loves to use memes, they can spread the virus to the web speed. Surely, you are often faced with the most popular memes of the year.

№10. My uvozhenie

Mem my uvozhenie supposedly appeared in 2015 with the launch in FaceBook stickers package "Lev". In a paid package contains stickers with a completely ordinary person, performing different actions or showing different emotions. One of these actions - the removal of the hat is likely a sign of privestviya.

According to some information, the primary source of spread of the meme, which Loew takes off his hat with the caption "My uvozhenie" is a man with the nickname "Save Greeks", who spread it among only 1500 friends. Initially, viral meme, likely gave the result is a grammatical error - staged as a tribute to the fact that the majority of users Runet, because of their age, are often written incorrectly.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016 10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№9. Rusia

Dmitry Medvedev twice a year has become a hero meme. His proposal to rename the "American" in "RUSIA" exploded the online community.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№8. Where is Lech?

Meme "Where is Lech?" It became popular in the network after the video about Lech, which is turned on the boat. The reasons for which the video has become popular, remain unknown. There is an assumption that people liked emotions "operator" who feared for Lech.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№7. Mr. Dudets

Some memes, wander a few years abroad, and get to Russia. It happened with the meme, "Mr. Dudets" - animation of the skull and the bony hands that play on the pipe. Meme is widely used for communication in the network as a call to action to other users.

In Russia, Mr. Dudets recently became popular, while the image of a skull with a pipe in America appeared already in 1995. On the basis of this image the network has a lot of parody, meme, like a rap song artist Pharaoh - "Black Siemens". In general pictures of the skull with a pipe made a cult in the social. networks.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№6. Veyper

The rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes have met a mixed reaction of the Internet community. Character, which combined the main negative features of users of electronic cigarettes, called veyperom.

Vipers claimed that the couple, they are inhaled along with nicotine, much safer than chemicals and resin alloys in tobacco cigarettes. And this new subculture obsessed with smoking electronic cigarette technologies. Some veypery willing to spend thousands of dollars on their heaped "cigarettes".

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№5. Patimeyker

Clip "Patimeyker" quickly fell in love with the Russians. It created its Vital Pick from Rostov. Viral hit spawned many memes it perepevali known bloggers, and clip popularity peaked in May 2016.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№4. Dratuti

On the fourth line meme "Dratuti". He appeared once in the Network someone posted a photo of wood saw cut with a pattern in the form of a dog. Image signed - "Dratuti". The picture quickly spread to the Internet community.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№3. No money, but you hold

ranking took bronze memorial by Dmitry Medvedev. The Prime Minister said something to pensioners in the Crimea: "No money, but you will stay." Internet community immediately picked up the phrase to create ironic posts.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№2. In St. Petersburg - drinking

In second place ranking again meme from the group "Leningrad". Ironic song "In Peter - drink" fell on the Russians liking. The phrase quickly became one of the most popular memes on the web.

10 of the most popular memes in 2016

№1. LaBute

The most popular meme passing year - "Louboutin" - the premium brand of women's shoes. "Louboutin" became known throughout Russia thanks to the song "Exhibit" group "Leningrad", which became a hit in January 2016.