What if you broke something in store

• What to do if you broke something in the store

Break something in a supermarket can randomly each. And right there we are talking about a jar of pickled tomatoes for 100 rubles native wood, and that if you dropped a sweeping gesture with shelves doroguschy cognac and already see figure nabychivshiesya guards moving in your direction?

What if you broke something in store

Do not worry and do not be afraid: I do not have to pay. And that's why.

What if you broke something in store

and ZZPP of the Civil Code

In the first place it is not necessary to refer to all of the teeth on nauseam the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights (ZZPP). If any problems should dance from a more serious instrument: the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Article 211 thereof, the Code explicitly states that: "The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the property shall be the owner thereof, unless otherwise provided by law or contract." You store the contract concluded? Laws violated? No? Well, go home.

What if you broke something in store

themselves to blame for

So, if you do not have to pay: the store is too narrow passages (take it with a ruler, by law, they must be at least 1, 4 meters wide); product is unstable (here can be interpreted in different ways, but generally the law remains on the buyer's side); if you hooked up the goods in the fall, slipping on a wet floor (in this case, you can store all of initiating a private lawsuit); product already fallen from the belt at the checkout - I'm sorry, but the responsibility lies already on the cashier.

What if you broke something in store


Greyhound guard

The guards in stores - a separate song. These guys are all the polls are sick Napoleon complex and behave well matched to the emperor. If one of these peace officers dare to raise a hand to the buyer, then it shines Article 203 of the Criminal Code - that is, ultra vires the employee of a private security firm. This, for a moment, involves up to seven years in prison is not zealous ChOPovtsu. To reimburse the cost of a broken right at the cash register, you do not have to: inform the administrator that they are willing to pay after the trial.

When to pay will have to

This product was in your hands? You yourself were drunk? Fight? Threw a bottle of expensive wine in the wall, screaming "faces bourgeois"? Excuse me, but still have to pay in such cases. At the checkout simply pierce the broken goods as purchased, and you go back home, trembling arms clutching fragments.

Home Appliances

Keep in mind all of the above applies not only to the products. I slipped iPhone in the store? Article 211 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Dress torn to fitting? 211 article. Do not cave in under pressure Seller: stand on your period. In an extreme case - let the police cause. If malice was not (and we are addressing this material is exclusively adequate people), then all the problems will have to disentangle the administrator and sellers.