Grandiose error Engineers

Grandiose error Engineers

The most high-profile engineering fiasco.

All human beings are fallible. Most of all - it's not so bad, at least if we are not talking about engineering calculations. Error engineer not only can not be forgiven. Very often, such an error can be a lot of money, resources, and even human lives. Today, we will focus on the seven biggest mistakes and terrible engineers who, fortunately, did not result in casualties.

1. Constitution Bridge in Venice

Grandiose error Engineers

It looks beautiful of course.

Venice - a beautiful city of canals, bridges and gondolas. Even knowing what a Venice only in words, not difficult to assume that there are a lot of bridges! However, there is one "special", which is already memorized, as an example of the failure of the wildest engineering. We are talking about the bridge of the Constitution, which was conceived at the time, as one of the most beautiful and modern.

Grandiose error Engineers

A third bridge - steps

The bridge was built in 2008. The basic materials of steel concrete, steel and glass. From the latter, by the way, it makes the most of the coating of the bridge. The bridge was to link the railway station and bus station.

Unfortunately, it so happened that one-third of the bridge - the steps. Go through it with a suitcase on wheels - a real "adventure". Worse, the steps were very uncomfortable and even dangerous. When there is rain, snow or fog occurs, the bridge becomes incredibly slippery. Security does not add to it, and the overall slope design.

2. Bridgewater Place in Leeds

Grandiose error Engineers

ill-fated skyscraper.

Today it is difficult to surprise someone tallest skyscraper. But, you can surprise a skyscraper that can influence the weather! In general, what buildings and skyscrapers in particular can enhance the wind has long been known. However, this fact was in no way taken into account the creators of the center of Bridgewater Place, built in Leeds, UK in 2006.

Immediately after the discovery, the ill-fated skyscraper dubbed the "agent of the winds", and gave him the insulting nickname of "far", in honor of the mutant race from the TV series "Doctor Who". In 2008, the skyscraper was awarded the prize as the most ugly buildings in Europe.

Grandiose error Engineers

Directions restricted.

Unfortunately, the appearance - it's not even so bad. "The causative agent of the winds" Bridgewater Place called for a reason. The fact that after its construction, the winds around the building have increased so much that literally blew people. Several people because of this, even crippled. And after the wind turned a few cars in the parking lot at the Bridgewater Place, movement from a skyscraper at all limited.

3. Trains

Grandiose error Engineers

They just have not got into the station.

It's not very funny, but the incidents with the engineers working on the trains from designing, happen more often than all the rest. Many precedents. One of the last took place in France in 2014. There, the authorities have ordered 2000 new cars. As a result, cars were made, but they were too big! They simply could not fit between the platforms of most stations in the country.

4. The submarine

Grandiose error Engineers

are mistaken even submarines.

Technique - a piece thin. Errors in its design are not permitted! However, they do occur. An illustrative example in this regard was the Spanish government's project to create a new class submarines S-80 +. Everything went according to plan, but when they began to collect the first submarine, it turned out that she is 68 tonnes heavier than they should have been. Checking helped to find out that one of the engineers made minor syntax error in the design. A mistake that almost buried the project.

Grandiose error Engineers

The error was in a comma.

New calculations have shown that the resulting submarine can float on water. However, the first dive will be the last, as the float the boat will not be able. Decided the situation gracefully - just lengthened get the boat a few meters.

5. Reserve falling houses

Grandiose error Engineers

Curves home in Sao Paulo.

Santos City, located in Brazil and lying close to São Paulo, among other things, is notorious for its "reserve of falling houses." All the matter is that almost all the high-rise residential buildings in the city center, as well as on the coast built crooked. Literally - crooked. Places roll up to three meters! What happened was due to a whole series of engineering mistakes during the construction boom. The houses were built without taking into account the specifics of the local sand and clay soil. It should be made clear that such soil the house can be built only on a very deep piles, and what has not been done. And although it looks terrifying, it should take into account that there is a very cheap property!

6. Dancing Bridge

Grandiose error Engineers

ill-fated Millennium Bridge.

I'm sure many have heard, about "dancing bridge" in Volgograd, Russia. However, there the bridge is not unique in their grief. There is a similar failure in London. We are talking about the pedestrian bridge "Millennium", which connects the two banks of the Thames. Immediately after the opening, the bridge was closed for repairs. It turned out that it is too much shaking during a large gathering of people.

In Volgograd:

And here in London:

Despite the fact that the bridge is strengthened and stabilized (with the help of vibration absorbers), the power is still closing it for pedestrians too windy.

7. The Forgotten City

Grandiose error Engineers

Forgotten City of Paris.

In conclusion, I want to tell you about a residential area in Paris, designed by the architect Emile Ayoo who christened his creation, not much is not enough - the city of the future. As a result, he left "forgotten city of the future." Kit was built in 1977. The only "sin" was their buildings very unusual shape, due to which almost no one wants to buy them in the apartment. Living in this complex mostly retired.